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    RichFaces 4.3 on WebSphere 8.5 Issue (Incompatible webbeans?)


      I used the solution proposed in the following link (put javax.faces-2.2.6.jar in shared library and associate to EAR, class loader PARENT_LAST). It works fine on local WAS 8.5 and IRAD 9.0.

      richfaces - How to make websphere 8.5 use mojarra not myfaces - Stack Overflow


      However when deploy using the same solution on a WAS 8.5 cluster (3 WAS App server and 1 deploy manager), we can access the home page, but no link on the page works.We see exception and message "The CDI BeanManager is not available for applications that are not CDI enabled". Our web app does not use CDI. If we package a beans.xml, the exception becomes "java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.webbeans.context.CustomContextImpl incompatible with com.sun.faces.flow.FlowDiscoveryCDIContext". IBM analyzed the trace from our local WAS where the web application works fine, they see nowhere CDI is logged. But we could not get rid of CDI exceptions on WAS cluster after trying different configurations.


      Any suggestions?