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    Wildfly 10.1 multiple session ids

    kelly goedert Apprentice



      I am migrating an application that is working on jboss 7.1.1 running on java 7 to wildfly 10.1 running on java 8. Both setups use SSL

      The application is jsf based.

      When running on wildfly 10.1 very often my js and css resources are not loaded properly. Files like jquery.js for example, are not loaded (browser usually shows 404 resource not found, but the resources are there) and of course a lot of the features do not work. All the xhtml are the same as they were in the jboss 7.1 setup. One thing I was able to notice was, that several times I have to different JSESSIONID on a request, like shown on the picture below.



      Is there anything that I should have configured in wildfly 10, that could cause this problem?