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    Quick start with WildFly 10

    b69 Newbie

      Can anybody give me a hint where to find the shortest possible way to set up wildfly for an application using EJB 3.1, JPA, JSF, etc. I need container controlled access to a MySQL DB and I need to define groups and roles used by the application.

      I'm a developper, not an administrator.

      The application I'm speaking about was developped for Glassfish 3 and 4 and for WebSphere 6 with Java 1.7 and DB2. I have setup both servers and I know how to achieve my goals.

      I try to port the application to WildFly, because not everybody is willing to have WebSphere running and the support of Glassfish is going down so quickly, that its now a real reputation risk to tell some one to install Glassfish. It's a sad truth, but it is like it is!


      So I guess, I now how to setup an app-server, but I'm stuck with WildFly. I read so many pages without finding for what I'm looking for, I just lost too much time. As I said before, I'm not an Administrator. I'm not interested in a lot of details. I need to setup the basics to make it run, to replace Glassfish as debugging environment and to be able to show, the application can be run on WildFly too. In Glassfish, as in WebSphere, I use simple file based Identification and authorization. For demonstration, security is not an issue. In the shop, where Admins are used to run the servers, they are able to easely adapt to their manner of work. That is what I need and a short way to get there. I already looked at JBossDeveloper get started place. But I'm lost in documentation, for which I don't have any need.