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    [modeshape-5.3.0.Final] "Forbidden" access to http://localhost:8080/modeshape-webdav

    rsearls Newbie

      I've installed modeshape-5.3.0.Final-jboss-wf-dist.zip in my wildfly-10.1.0.Final bld.

      I followed the directions here Installing ModeShape into Wildfly - ModeShape 5 - Project Documentation Editor

      I start the standalone version, "./bin/standalone.sh -c standalone-modeshape.xml"

      I go to page http://localhost:8080/modeshape-rest   I'm prompted for the admin credential,

      which I provide (i.e. admin admin).  I get page "Forbidden".  Same msg for http://localhost:8080/modeshape-webdav


      How to resolve this?


      When I revert to using the pre4.0 modeshape-roles.properties, modeshape-users.properties and the

      corresponding security-domain conf these URLs work.   But I would prefer to use the 5.3.0 default conf.