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    Connect Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio to remote host

    steve lobach Newbie

      Hello all.. I am sure I am missing something simple.. But I am trying to deploy my camel project to a remote host.. I tried to follow instructions found at

      Red Hat JBoss Fuse - Fuse IDE Tutorials - Deploying a camel project to Red Hat JBoss Fuse  

      to connect my Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio ( Version: 10.2.0.GA) client to a remote host running JBoss Fuse (6.3.0.redhat-187)..

      When trying to make the server connection I choose "JBoss Fuse 6.3 Runtime Server", but when I put in the host name, there is no place for port.. And I get the error message " The currently selected server type does not support remote hosts"...


      At this point I do not know how to deploy my project to the remote server..   Thanks for any help..