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    jboss data virtualization VDB deployment issue.




      I am new to jboss data virtualization, may i know how to deploy VDB(created on local machine) on another jboss server. i read somewhere that there is a way by creating WAR. but i am unable to create WAR of VDB.


      Could you please suggest, what to do or steps of deployment?




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          Hi Rahul,


          There is no current option for creating a VDB as a War.    A VDB can only be deployed using the .vdb (using Teiid Designer) or -vdb.xml (xml format, created by exporting from Teiid designer or manually).


          However, there is an option for exposing your VDB using REST services, but the VDB is still deployed (separately) using one of the above formats.   See the Teiid Designer Web Sevices section [1] for details.



          [1]  12.4. Web Services Modeling


          Hope that helps.