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    decimal replaces with comma (34.00 is replace 34,00)

    Micheal Delson Nadar Newbie

      We are testing our application with wildfly 10/ Java8


      we have set


      -Duser.language=en to the JAVA_OPTS


      and in standalone.xml we have set the system-properties as below



      <property name="org.jboss.dashboard.LocaleManager.installedLocaleIds" value="en,es,de,fr,ja,pt"/>

      <property name="org.jboss.dashboard.LocaleManager.defaultLocaleId" value="en"/>



      But still we see that in the number format (dot) is replacing with  (comma)

      Exception in miscInvoice service::java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "197942,00"


      all works fine when we restart the wildfly instance and after 3-4 hrs this issue is seen. Any idea what would be triggering this issue?