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    WS-AT XTS - MSDTC Interoperability

    Stelios Bourazanis Newbie

      I need desperately help to get WS-AT simple quickstart to work with WCF client.


      WS-AT quickstart has been compiled and deployed on JBoss EAP 6.4 and is working fine using Java client app even if using mutual SSL. The transaction is displayed as commited at JBoss transaction statistics after spawing the client.


      But when i try to use Windows MSDTC WS-AT (configured with the appropriate certificates) and a .NET application then enlistForDurableTwoPhase cannot enlist the participant ( when using transactionFlow transactionProtocol="WSAtomicTransaction11")


      or  there is an error mustunderstand headers not understood ( when using transactionFlow transactionProtocol= "WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004" )


      I think that this happens because Java code puts the appropriate context headers to the request while .NET does not. I thought that MSDTC WS-AT must do that coordination context insertion and not be part of the developer job to put code or configuration to app.config.


      If I remove the enlistForDurableTwoPhase command completely, then MSDTC Transaction statistics displays the transaction as commited but JBoss does not enlist it at all at JBOSS transaction statistics.


      Can XTS WS-AT transactions on JBoss 6.4 interoperate with Microsoft Distributed transactions WS-AT or I loose my time trying to make it work ?