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    hasSyntaxErrors cannot detect un-implement interface error

    Mingmin Mingmin Newbie

      I'm using Roaster(version 2.19.4.Final) to generate Java source files, and call function 'hasSyntaxErrors' to verify whether the class is valid before output it.

      Below is my code, which I implement the interface Comparable. However it returns false by calling function 'hasSyntaxErrors', although I don't add a 'compareTo' function.

      Any idea how to do the validation?


      //create an empty instance

      final JavaClassSource javaClass = Roaster.create(JavaClassSource.class);


      //set the package name, and Java class name



      //add interface, can be one or more       





          System.err.println("SyntaxError: "+javaClass.getSyntaxErrors());