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    Seam 2.2.2 Final seam-gen abstraction


      Hello there,


      I'm an enthusiastic newbie when it comes to OOP, Java and Seam.


      First thing I did was create a webapp by using seam-gen. I'm using JBoss Developer Tools 6.0.1, JDK 6.14.

      My DB comprises a single table, and I guess it's working fine. I can see the table content and I can edit all entries.


      Now I'm trying to play with the notion of extending this simple behaviour to other tables that have the same structure.

      Of course I could achieve it just by creating new java classes and jsf files for each entity, but I wanted to use abstraction to get it done.


      From what I've read until now, it doesn't seem that hard to implement entity abstraction on the "Java side". What's hard to grasp is the possibility of using the same JSF file to show the different entities. Can it actually be done?  Can I get a few pointers on this?


      By the way, I'm also having trouble understanding the concept of "context". Is there any transparent documentation on this?


      Thanks in advance