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    Class Loading issue in arquillian test case

    Velmurugan Arumugam Newbie


      We are trying to implement arquillian test case for our maven project which is running on WAS 8.0(run mode: Remote) with RAD as IDE.

      While we integrated with existing project, i am getting lot of class loading issues like

      1) While launching test case (right click Run as Junit test case), we are getting issues like project jars getting loaded instead of rt.jar classes. Because of this arquillian test case failed during launching test case. e.g some parser classes


      My question is,

      1) is there is any best practice to follow like keep arquillian test cases as separate EAR and run the integration test cases isolated with business artifacts.

      2) Like maven resolver api (for programmatic dependency handling api ) for executing test cases runtime, do we have any dependency management api for compile time i.e. while launching test case i.e. skipping current project dependencies in pom.xml. So that we can try avoiding above problem.



      Please guide me on this and let me know if there is anything need from me.