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    modeshape 5.x: nodeType index ignored(!?)

    Michel Marti Newbie

      I have configured a  'nodeType' index for my modeshape repository, hoping to speed up my "SELECT * FROM [<type>]" queries. However, the index seems not to be used: It doesn't show up in the Query Plan and performance is the same with or without indexing, regardless of the <type> I am querying. I tried all three available index providers and the results are the same. Setting the logging level for org.modeshape.jcr.index reveals: "Considering index 'nodeTypes' in 'indexer' provider for query in workspace 'default". Looking at the HTTP traffic between modeshape and elasticsearch, I see absolutely no requests to ES when executing the query. My current repository configuration looks like this:


          "name": "My Repository",
          "jndiName": "jcr/My Repository",
          "storage": {
              "persistence": {
                  "type": "file",
                  "path": "${my.data.dir}/repository"
              "binaryStorage": {
                  "minimumBinarySizeInBytes": 4096,
                  "minimumStringSize": 8192,
                  "type": "file",
                  "directory": "${my.data.dir}/repository"
          "indexProviders": {
              "indexer": {
                  "classname": "local",
                  "directory": "${converter.data.dir}/repository/indexes"
          "indexes": {
              "nodeTypes": {
                  "kind": "nodeType",
                  "provider": "indexer",
                  "nodeType": "nt:base",
                  "columns": "jcr:nodeType(STRING)"


      I tested this with Modeshape 5.2 and 5.3. Is this the expected bevahiour? Am I missing something?