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    How to increase the performance for SFTP file polling consumer

    Ravishankar Hassain Newbie

      I am trying to create a file polling route which will poll the source SFTP server and transfer the file to the destination SFTP server.

      The file count is huge and the source can generate up to 270 - 300 files per second where as the file size is in KB.



      I am planing to have 3 instance (say A, B, C) of the same route in active mode where each route is capable of handling and transferring 100 files per each poll.

      Once a file is picked for processing by say instance A then the same file should not be picked for processing by the rest 2 active instance Instance B & C.



      I have created the below route and this route is transferring files at the rate of 5-6 files per second.



             + "?readLock=changed"

             + "&readLockMinAge=1m"

             + "&readLockTimeout=70000"

             + "&readLockCheckInterval=5000"

             + "&delay=1000"

             + "&preMove=processing"

             + "&maxMessagesPerPoll=100"

             + "&move=../archive"

             + "&localWorkDirectory=temp"

             + "&stepwise=false"

             + "&include=.*(txt)$")

        .threads(30, 35)

             .log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "downloading files from Source SFTP Server")




      Is there any other configuration that needs to be applied to achieve the processing speed of 100 files per poll and to process the file between instance in an

      intelligent and efficient manner.



      Any help suggestion or pointers is much appreciated.