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    Arquillian on WAS remote container and @PersistenceContext

    Lonzak - Newbie

      For integration tests I wanted to use Arquillian and followed all the steps in the 'getting started tutorial'. Since I have an existing application things are not so trivial to set up however I managed to fix most of the problems. Now I get a NPE exception which indicates that CDI is not working. According to the WAS 8.5 remote container documentation I realized that @PersistenceContextis not supported. This is unfortunate but I don't want to give up hope just yet - so is there any other possibility to make arquillian work for our tests?

      Maybe there is a new version of the container about to be released? Or is it an inherit limitation of the implementation provided by ibm? It would be really helpful if you could shed some light on the situation...

      (I can provide some exemplary source code if necessary)