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    Wildfly startup max memory consumption

    Andres Luuk Newbie

      We are deploying many applications with a lot of jars (Spring & dependency jars for example) on Wildfly 10 / JBoss7e.

      Sometimes the startup of the server fails randomly because it runs out of memory (java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded)

      When I take some thread dumps on the startup I see a lot of classpath scanning going on.

      This probably creates a lot of metadata for all the classes if finds from all the jars.


      My question would be:

      Is it possible reduce the number of threads for jboss/wildfly parallel deploy so that the max memory used would be lower on deploy time (because it would be scanning less jars at the same time)

      Or can there be set a limit that how many applications it can deploy at a time? for example I drop 30 jars into the auto deploy directory. It starts deploying the first 10 them and if 1 is done then takes a next one into the deployment?