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    bundle install in the jboss fuse server is not getting stop


      I am beginner to jboss fuse i have tried to deploy the bundle in the in the jboss fuse server but its status is creating



      [ 349] [Active     ] [Creating    ] [       ] [   80] Empty Camel Blueprint Example [splitter-aggregator] (1.0.2.SNAPSHOT)


      So i was trying to stop or uninstall the bundle by using below commands


      osgi:stop 349


      osgi:uninstall --force 349


      osgi:uninstall 349


      but its not getting stop or uninstalled , i am getting the following error while running the above command



      Error executing command: Error stopping bundles:

              Unable to stop bundle 349: Bundle splitter-aggregator [349] cannot be stopped since it is already stopping.


      Kindly help me to resolve the issue.