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    Reverse proxy for https wildfly 8.2

    Mihir Mehta Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am writing a Java application with following requirements

      I have a client which communicates with wildfly server on port 9000 using https but now I have nodejs added on port 9001 and I want to redirect all https calls made to  node.js localhost through wildfly. This redirection requires https to http conversion


      https://abc.com:9000/getInfo should be redirected to http://localhost:9001/getInfo


      I configured my wildfly to reverse-proxy but unfortunately it does not redirect.

      It still gives me information from  https://abc.com:9000/getInfo  and does not redirect


      P.S I don't want to use third-party tools like apache, nginx, squid or pound I want wildfly to handle redirection from https to http is this possible?


      I ran this commands from my JBoss-cli and restarted my server but no luck




      /socket-binding-group=standard-sockets/remote-destination-outbound-socket-binding=remote-host1/:add(host=localhost, port=9001)


      /subsystem=undertow/configuration=handler/reverse-proxy=my-handler/host=host1:add(outbound-socket-binding=remote-host1, scheme=ajp, instance-id=myroute, path=/getInfo)