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    Open in new tab, TransitionAnchors, and erraiPushStateEnabled




      I've been working on an application that includes TransitionAnchors to different pages of which users sometimes like to open in a new tab. Users also requested that we enabled the "erraiPushStateEnabled" mode so URLs are displayed using slashes instead of hashes but I can't seem to get the two features to work together. Whenever a user clicks on an anchor element to open it in a new tab the URL that it navigates to isn't correct.


      For example:

      If I have two pages "Page1" and "Page2". "Page1" has a link to "Page2". The href value of the link is http://localhost:8888/testapp/Page1#testapp/Page2 but when the link is opened in a new tab the url switches from http://localhost:8888/testapp/Page1#testapp/Page2 to http://localhost:8888/testapp/Page1/testapp/Page2 and then to the PageNotFound page.


      Is there something I can do or something I might've missed to make this work?