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    Require a Tool(Similar to checkstyle) for configuring the Elements & Attributes of blueprint.xml.

    raj rami Newbie


              I need to define conditions to the attribute 'name' for the element 'property'  (must see the example below). Can someone help me with the tool to apply conditions for blueprint.xml file.




      Here the suffix of persistent-id is "order" and prefix of each property name starts with is "order". Here, i want to use a tool to configure the each property name suffix should start with the prefix of persistant-id.  I need a tool similar to checkstyle that i can make use to configure the blueprint.xml.


      <property-placeholder persistent-id="com.mycompany.order" >



        <property name="order.hostname" value="localhost" />

        <property name="order.port" value="9493" />





      Prefix: add something at the beginning

      Suffix: add something at the end