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    FUSE roadmap for 2017


      I've not been able to find a roadmap for Red Hat JBoss Fuse after v6.3.

      Fuse 6.x is based on a fork of Fabric8v1 (OSGi at core).

      Fabric8v2 is mainly based on Docker/Kubernetes.


      A couple of years ago there were rumors about a version of Fuse based on Fabric8v2 with a plain migration path even for fabric profiles (frankly I doubt it could be very effective).


      So it would be great if there was some clear statement from Red Hat about the future of FUSE product especially towards OpenShift and Fabric8v2. Even fresh rumors would still be appreciated :-)


      UPDATE: https://www.redhat.com/cms/managed-files/TECHNICAL_FIVE_Jaen_Forum_Middleware%20Roadmap-2017%20%281%29.pdf

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          I am eagerly wait for next announcement or release in Jboss Fuse product.


          Now, more focus is on Openshift which is why we have doubt on how you are planning to provide support on migration process for the future releases.

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            Every product has a Maintenance life cycle. Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.x series too have maintenance life cycle for next five years, and on customer's specific request extended life cycle can also be provided. 

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              cpandey In fact my concern is not about current version of Fuse product.


              I'm sure I'd have a productivity boost even on-premise if I could only use Spring Boot on docker containers, but I'm stick with an OSGi based Fuse 6.3.


              Broader insights on Fuse 7 would help us developing transition strategies.

              More details on how Fuse will cope with pseudo lambdas from funktion.io, or low-code approach from syndesis.io could help us envisioning smarter ways to integrate systems.

              And so on...

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                Hi Davide,


                This a broad question. We can understand that the information will help you decide on the further ideas about configuring your environment, but the release of Fuse 7 is still going to take some time. Hence, its pretty early to let you know how this fits in to what you are trying to do.

                Maybe we can have more news about this sometime sooner and also have some generic migration paths for users and customers using Fuse 6.x.

                But, if you have specific questions and have subscription. then you can open a support case with Red Hat Customer portal and we will check and let you know details if we can share.