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    Master-Detail tips ?

    Peet Denny Newbie

      Does anyone have any pointers on what is the best way to implements Master-Detail in EJB?
      Say i have a Lesson entity bean, and don't want the Finder methods to return Enumerations of remote references; what are the pros and cons of having a nugget object which describes the essentials of the bean, allowing the user to make a choice of which bean he wants the details of?
      Would it be appropriate to use the primary key for this job? With a lesson, where an id would suffice for the primary key, would it be a poor use of resources to deliberately use a compound primary key just to implement Master-detail? Would it be a better idea to use the single id field as the primary key, and to have a keyWrapper object to bundle it up with one or two other fields?
      Anyone got any input?