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    Visibility between EJB Containers - ClassNotFoundException

    Daniel Rolnick Newbie

      I have several EJBs deployed in JBoss 2.2.2. I need one of them to be able to connect to the others at runtime. I won't know the names of the beans to lookup until runtime so putting external references in my ejb-jar.xml is not an option.

      When I perform the lookup's I get ClassNotFoundExceptions. AFAIK, JBoss keeps each EJB in its own container with its own classloader. Is there a way that I can make classes visible between containers?


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          Jatinder Thind Newbie

          Unless u r using jboss.xml file to assign JNDI names to your EJB , JBoss deploys EJBs using the JNDI specified by <ejb-name></ejb-name> tag.
          You can use these names to describe external ejb-references.

          If your EJB's xml descriptor has something like this :

          then u can refer to this EJB from another EJB using: