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    Performance tuning

    Anders Lindh Newbie


      I'm doing some performance tuning on our app and results so far have been quite good. But now I want to make it really scream. We use servlets (integrated tomcat + apache) as a frontend for the beans, mySQL as db and the IBM jdk (which kicks ass on linux i386). What we have done sofar on our software is implementing isModified() methods, which obiously improve performance. We've also made some stuff message driven, mainly to remove processing of not-so-critical stuff out of the way. But what else is there we can do to achive better performance? How about transaction tuning? Our environment is built so that jboss has exclusive (rw) access to the db, can we use this fact and leave getXX() methods outside transactions? Can this be done?

      I've also read some reports that Jetty is (alot) faster that Tomcat 3.2.x. Is this true? Is it worth to switch? How about Apache integration and Jetty?

      One thing that wories me is the IBM VM. Is it reliable? We're still using the Sun VM in our production environment, but we'd like to switch to IBM because of it's superior performance. Has anybody had any nagative experiences with it?

      Another important question is JAAS and it's influence on performance. We're about to implement JAAS support in our beans soon, will this degrade performance?

      Oh, we're using Jboss 2.4.0.

      Anders Lindh

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          Kevin Duffey Newbie

          First, tomcat sucks (in terms of performance) from what I have read. I also read a few posts (elsewhere) that alot of people are disgusted with the bloat and sad performance and other issues with tomcat. Jetty is indeed a lot faster on the servlets, but Jetty does not yet support Servlet 2.3, JSP 1.2, or clustering. Clustering support will be added soon, as will Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2. Currently Jetty uses the Jasper JSP engine which is really bad. We plan to write a new engine for much faster JSP performance. There is nice Jboss/Jetty integration going on as well.

          I have heard good things about the IBM VM, so I would try load testing your site on it on a production quality machine. See if it holds up. If it does, what are you waiting for? IBM is IBM for God's sake! You can't go wrong with them... well, you can if you use Websphere! ;)

          Jetty by the way is a full fledged html/servlet/jsp engine. I would toss Apache out and use Jetty for everything. Saves the hassle of trying to figure out Apache for html/shtml, Jetty for servlet/jsp/web container. Up to you, but I prefer the web/servlet container in one as it gives better performance as well.

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            Christoph Newbie

            IBM-JDK: you *CAN* go wrong with them!
            A simple test: Try using IBM's JDK with a GUI-intensive program like Together/J -- it's fast, but it's even faster crashing!