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    Cancel Activity property of Catching Intermediate Events Signal keeps changing to true.

    Fernando Pena Cantu Newbie

      Hello, I am new to Jboss BPM suit, so please feel free to dump down the instructions as much as possible.


      I created a very simple business process which has a signal event in "Catching Intermediate Events", I am trying to change the property cancel Activity from true to false.

      I change the default is true. I change it manually to false, then I save my business process re lode the page and the property Cancel Activity has change back to true.

      Do you guys know why this could be happening?


      I am using Jboss BPM suit 6.4 the $0 plan.

      I did all the installation as default since I am new to it.


      Please let me know if you guys need other information such as the log history of standalone. or other items.