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    EJB2.0 support in JBoss

    Vimal Kansal Newbie

      Can somebody tell me what portion of EJB2.0 is fully supported in JBoss.?I want to start playing with EJB2.0



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          Noel Hebert Newbie


          *** this is my current understanding and I may
          be way off the crease ***

          My reading of the current docos ;-) I understand
          that JBoss even up to the current final 2.4 supports
          what can be easily done even though the current
          2.0 EJB spec is not final!

          Namely access to transacted JMS and as an adjunct to
          that, Message Driven Beans (MDB's).

          Various postings seem to indicate that the 2.0 CMP
          (Container Managed Persistance) stuff is a work in
          progress and will/is available via CVS in 2.5 and
          will be FCS in JBoss 3.0

          So, enjoy using transacted JMS and MDB's in the