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    errai generates beans.xml exclusion for package-info.java




      errai autogenerates an <exclude> entry for all package-info.java files in my project. The resulting XML does not conform to the XML schema and causes the super-dev-mode to fail. Any ideas how i can prevent errai from doing so.




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          Hi Michel,


          I've just fixed this bug on master so if you are using 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT then you don't need to do anything.


          Otherwise you can change the regex used to select which files are excluded with the system property "errai.client.local.class.pattern". The regex pattern assigned to this property is used against class files paths, where matches are added to the beans.xml exclusions (default pattern is simply `.*/client/local/.*`). You could make a pattern that matches nothing and manually add exclusions, or make a regex that doesn't match package-info.class files.