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    EAP 7 Data source configuration

    Mihir Chhaya Newbie



      My sincere apologies if I am asking the question in wrong place. Please advise me to the right direction.


      I am looking for guidance/answer on following. Not that it would not be available, but I could not find detailed information.


      We are using JBOSS clustered environment (multiple instances - standalone mode) with different multiple applications deployed per instance.


      What I know so far:

      1. JBOSS recommends using standalone*.xml for data source configuration.

      2. ds-*.xml works, but is not recommended approach.

      3. CLI and other resource management tools works best with centralized resource file.

      4. JON does not support ds-*.xml file for monitoring. We need something in production environment to monitor applications' resources.


      What I am looking for:

      1. If standalone.xml is recommended way, does it mean JBOSS will stop  supporting ds-*.xml? If so, from which release? How far in future?

      2. What is the approach for migration if we have 10+ data source files? Should we put all those in single stand alone xml?

      3. Has anybody encountered any problem (data source and connection pooling perspective) after migration in past? What were the pain points - solution?

      4. There is an old discussion (https://access.redhat.com/discussions/669193) on similar topic but could not found latest information. What is the community standing on separate vs single data source configuration?

      5. If we continue using ds-*.xml, how we can monitor all the data sources? Any recommendations for any monitoring tool?

      6. What is the future of JON? When the new version/tool be available?