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    wierd things...  Initialcontext is returning the EJB bean, n

    Drake Woodring Newbie

      Ok, Im trying to allows 2 ejb's to talk (that could be on 2 different app servers).

      I'm getting a home interface (from initialcontext) that is an instance of EJBHome, but contains ejbCreate, ejbRemove, ejbActivate...ect plus all the bean methods (but no create method)

      I created a finder object that stores all the information to connect to the an ejb (and it's serializable so I can send it around). Everything works until I call it from within another EJB (running on the same appserver.

      So I have a client A that makes a connection to EJB1 that makes a connection to EJB2 that then tried to make a connection back to EJB1 (again everything running from one ejb server, and the code to make the connection from the clientA and EJB2 (to connect to EJB1) was copy and pasted.

      (did any of that make sense? client a finds ejb 1, then ejb1 finds ejb2, then ejb2 tries later to find ejb1 with the same mechanism as client a did, but instead of getting ejb1's home interace, it seems like I get a proxy to ejb1 itself as a subclass of ejbhome (since it can be cast)...

      Anyone have a clue? Thanks : )

      Drake Woodring