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    HttpSession from same host with different port

    Juliano Carlos da Silva Newbie

      Hi I have a cluster over apache and wildfly. Then I try to use websocket but I cant pass over AJP then I create a virtual host in different port to websocket




      But the wildfly change the JSESSIONID for request over websocket replacing the JSESSIONID in /myapp make the user disconected.

      I try to override response header Set-Cookie but it still putting JSESSIONID there.

      I try com invalidate session but it still putting it there.


      How i can tell to wildfly to do not put new JSESSIONID in /myapp or if its necessary then put JSESSIONID for /myapp/websocket/?

      I try making a filter


      if (req.getServletPath().equals("/websocket/")) {

        HttpSession session = req.getSession(false);


        //res.setHeader("Set-Cookie", "JSESSIONID="+req.getQueryString()+"; path=/apps/websocket/");

        res.setHeader("Set-Cookie", "");

        // res.setHeader("Set-Cookie", "JSESSIONID="+req.getQueryString()+"; path=/apps/websocket/");



      All of this in inside same war