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    MDB with @AspectDomain under JBoss EAP 7

    Heinz Erhard Newbie



      I am going to change a project to use with EAP 7.

      There are some MessageDrivenBeans using "@AspectDomain" Annotation from "import org.jboss.annotation.ejb.AspectDomain;".


      As I found out this Annotation is at least part of EJB3:

      AspectDomain (JBoss EJB 3.0 API Documentation)


      But EAP 7 seems to use EJB 3.2 instead.

      So I think the annotation @AspectDomain is not supported any more.


      Unfortunately I am not able to find an equivalent.

      Eclipse IDE only offers me to "Change to 'Aspect' (org.aspectj.lang.annotation) after including aspectj-maven-dependency in pom.xml.

      Doing this seems to solve the error but is it really correct?


      Thanks for