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    Starting up Fuse Project from Scratch

    Dhanyamithra Vetrivel Newbie

      I'am completely new to this environmnt so I'am trying to familiarize myself with Camel and Fuse integration project with the stater example Claus Isben posted  as Milestone 4. It works fine for me.


      My current interest is to create a Fuse project form scratch and perform data transformation from XML to JSON. I have a few doubts in this/


      1. Can I use the starter project to give my XML file which contains my data and perform the data transformation. If so, in which location should I put the file. Is it enough if I just put the XML file or should I add some other things?

      2. If I cannot use the starter project for my data can you please tell me the steps I should follow to perform the data transformation?