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    blocked transaction

    Roman SMIRAK Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am working with JBoss 2.2.2 (same behaviour on JBoss2.4), JDK1.3, OS Linux and I have this problem:

      business method of EntityBean set "rollback" flag and throws application exception. Example:

      public void businessMethod() throws RemoteException, ApplicationException {
      if(!condition) {
      throw new ApplicationException("no valid data");

      // next business code

      From EJB specification I am understand that:

      "An application exception is an exception defined in the throws clause of a method of the enterprise Bean s home and remote interfaces, other than the java.rmi.RemoteException." Example:

      public class ApplicationException extends Exception {

      Next, I have this situation: in deployment descriptor I set transaction attribute of the business method to "required".

      Next, from EJB specification I am understand that:

      >> Container start: "Bean method runs in the context of a transaction that the Container started immediately before dispatching the business method. This case may happen with Required and RequiresNew attributes".

      >> EntityBean throws: AppException

      >> Container behaviour: "If the instance called set-RollbackOnly(), then rollback the transaction, and re-throw AppException. Otherwise, attempt to commit the transaction, and then re-throw AppException".

      >> Client view: "receives AppException. If the client executes in a transaction, the clients transaction is not marked for rollback, and client can continue its work. all other exceptions Log the exception or error. Receives RemoteException".

      In my case: container was started transaction, setRollbackOnly was called, AppException was throwed.

      Real behaviour: container do not commint the transaction and re-trows AppException (this is OK) but next call on the same EntityBean is blocked while timeout of new transaction occures.

      My question:

      >> why is new call blocked? (finishing (ie. rollback) of the previous transaction is responsibility of the container or not? - and more: if new transaction is not finished why it does not timeout?)


      Roman SMIRAK.