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    Using Conditional events

    Fernando Pena Cantu Newbie

      So I am trying to learn how to use conditional events. So i created this process:

      Conditional Process.PNG

      So the process goes like this:

      user buys diamond -> we validate the data -> confirm the purchase -> calculate the cost  -> then if the cost is above 8000 the conditional event should activate going into Manger review.

      However, this never happens and I am unsure to why this is the case.


      Here is a screenshot of the properties of my conditional event.

      Properties of Conditional event.PNG

      myrespositor.conditions.Diamondis an object I created.

      Here it is:

      Diamond data object.PNG


      and here are my variables:



      Do you guys have an example of how to use conditional events?

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          Donato Marrazzo Newbie

          Hi Fernando,


          Conditional Start Event and Conditional Intermediate Event are mainly intended to be used in combination with rule logic.

          They react if you put something in working memory (VM) and trigger the rule evaluation (fireAllRules).

          BTW, your use case can be designed easily with the traditional decision gateway (XOR diamond).

          Just another comment about the process design, I noticed a chain of scripts that looks a kind of visual programming (flow chart): in real situation this approach should be avoided.

          The automatic activities in a business process should be coarse grained.