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    jboss eap in domain mode, warning WFLYDM0004

    roberto perini Newbie

      I have an installation jboss eap 7.0 in domain mode, with master controller and two host controller.

      I configurated the Master Domain Controller and all Host Controllers to use SSL/TLS with self-signed dcertificate, now in the console.log Ia have the following message: [Host Controller] 15:41:39,696 WARN  [org.jboss.as.domain.management] (MSC service thread 1-2) WFLYDM0004: The realm name of the defined security realm 'CertificateRealm' does not match the realm name within the properties file 'ManagementRealm'.

      Can you help  me to eliminate it ?

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          Martin Choma Master

          I suppose

          - You have 1 way TLS between master and host controller.

          - You have configured CertificateRealm to connect to master controller, where in CertificateRealm you have truststore configured.

          - You left properties authentication in CertificateRealm "<properties path="mgmt-users.properties" relative-to="jboss.domain.config.dir"/>"


          And that is why warning occures, because in mgmt-users.properties there is realm stored in "$REALM_NAME=ManagementRealm$".

          You probably don't need properties authentication in CertificateRealm.