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    Purpose of HTTP_CLIENT_API_43 on the RESTWorkItemHandler()

    Fernando Pena Cantu Newbie

      Hello I was looking at the RestWorkItemHandler on jbpm/RESTWorkItemHandler.java at master · droolsjbpm/jbpm · GitHub as I am planning to build something similar to this but with some modifications to better fit the purpose of my process.

      So I understand most of the process on it, but I don't understand why we have the variable HTTP_CLIENT_API_43.


      By looking at it seems the we do exactly the same thing if HTTP_CLIENT_API_43 == true or false but we do it in 2 different ways.

      If  HTTP_CLIENT_API_43 == true  we do a REST Http Call by using the RequestBuilder and if it is false we do REST Http Call by using HttpPost or HttpGet methods.


      Why do we need to have this distinction if we end up doing the exact same thing?