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    Set FlushMode to Commit from default Auto

    Saurabh Patel Newbie


      I want to set flush mode to commit from Auto in hibernate3.5.6 using persistence.xml file.I have tried several properties as given below but none of them seems to work.


        <property name="org.hibernate.FlushMode" value="COMMIT"/>

      <property name="org.hibernate.flushMode" value="COMMIT"/> 

      <property name="org.hibernate.flushMode" value="commit"/>  

      <property name="hibernate.flushMode" value="COMMIT"/>

      <property name="hibernate.transaction.flush_before_completion">true</property>


      Please, let me know if anyone knows any other solution for it.Our JPA version is :hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.0.Final.