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    BMP: JAWS is generating far too many transactions

    Web Newbie

      I'm exploring performance problems that my first J2EE app is having. It seems that when my JSP template is interpreted, about 50 transactions (DELETE, INSERT, COMMIT) are performed, despite there (a) being no modifications to any data and (b) all of this happening inside a single HTTP request.

      I'm guessing that the EJBs are seeing the servlet container as external and therefore generating a transaction per method invocation (yikes!). My desired mode of operation is that one transaction be started at the beginning of the processing of an HTTP request and that that transaction be committed or aborted depending upon whether or not the request was processed successfully.

      Is this possible? Perhaps a session bean and/or a duplicate non-EJB object hierachy needs to be inserted somewhere? Can someone point me to a (simple!) working example?