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    WLQL to match custom finder JAWS join

    David Ward Newbie

      (Previously sent to jboss-user list; also not sure if this belongs in ejb forum or database-persistence forum, so forgive me for posting to both.)

      I hope I don't get too flamed for this...

      I need to have a CMP 1.1 Entity Bean work both in JBoss 2.4 and WebLogic 6.0. Everything's cool except a custom finder that needs to do a join, which is easy in JAWS but hard in WLQL.

      This is in my jaws.xml (which works great):


      In my weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml (no clue how to do this in WLQL):


      Please note I can't use EJBQL right now. Any ideas?

      **** Yes, I know this isn't a WebLogic forum, but I thought I'd try my luck and see if there's anyone else out there that doesn't always get to make a hard-line choice, but often has to deal with both. ****