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    SPRING-DM  SUPPORTED  IN  jboss-fuse 6.2  ONWARDS??

    Nikheel Ranjan Newbie

      We  are  using jboss  fuse 6.1.0.redhat-379  and are  planning  to  upgrade  to 6.2.1.redhat-621166 .But  so far we  have  used  spring-dm  for all of  the bundles  and  just want to  inquire  whether from 6.2 on wards  is  it  mandatory  to  use  blueprint  or spring-dm  will  also  be  supported for some more  time.

      Though  I  fully  understand  that  blueprint  is  the standard  and recommendation for osgi,  but if  spring-dm  will  not  be supported  in  6.2,I may have to  delay the upgrade  for sometime.

      All  good  ideas/suggestions  are welcome.


      Appreciate  any  quick  help.

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          Red Hat supports what is shipped. But mind spring-dm is deprecated in the upstream Apache Camel and its NOT recommended to be used.

          JBoss Fuse recommends using OSGi blueprint on the JBoss Fuse / Karaf based application server.


          However there is some work in the upstream Karaf community to make Spring XML files automatic transformed into OSGi blueprint format so users can use Spring XML style but at runtime it runs as OSGi blueprint. That is still in development upstream and are not in any official Red Hat product at this time of writing.