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    How can I auto redirect the root of our site to the context-root of web application?

    Izaak van Niekerk Newbie

      We need the site's root location (for example: "https://localhost:8443/" ) to automatically redirect to the the context root "https://localhost:8443/acorn" as setup for one of the web projects found in our application.


      In my application.xml I have the following settings for one of the war projects in the EAR file:




      I added a file undertow-handlers.conf to the /WEB-INF/ folder of that specific web project, with the following line (hoping that it would do the trick):


       path['/'] -> rewrite['/acorn']


      However, the default Wildfly welcome page was still shown when entering "https://localhost:8443/" in the browser and entering "https://localhost:8443/acorn" in the browser now resulted in an 404 - Not Found error page.


      Perhaps my undertow-handlers.conf is invalid?