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    Problem with ./client script after adding users to users.properties




      We've encountered issue with access to running Fuse 6.3 instance by usage of ./client.

      1. In users.properties file we have only admin user and pass

      admin = password,admin

      2. Fuse is running in foreground so I'm using ./client

      ]$ ./client
      Logging in as admin

      3. Success.. but....

      4. In users.properties (manually added to file or via jaas module in Karaf) we're creating new roles, users and groups so it's look like that

      admin = password,admin
      _g_\:GROUP_E = group,ROLE_1
      _g_\:GROUP_D = group,ROLE_2
      _g_\:GROUP_C = group,ROLE_4
      _g_\:GROUP_B = group,ROLE_3
      _g_\:GROUP_A = group,ROLE_5
      user1 = passuser1,_g_:GROUP_E
      user2 = passuser2,_g_:GROUP_C
      user3 = passuser3,_g_:GROUP_D
      user4 = passuser4,_g_:GROUP_A
      user5 = passuser5,_g_:GROUP_B

      5. Running ./client works now differently...

      ]$ ./client
      Logging in as user3


      Why it's logging as user3, not admin? If I'm removing the user 3 definition, ./client is trying to log as for ex. user4.


      Thanks for help and hints in advice