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    Split EIP is not passing all Exchange Message to Endpoints

    Jayashankar C Newbie

      I could observe in Split EIP, all Exchanges are not forwarded to direct endpoint and only 10 are passed.


      Question: Why all the exchanges which are processed using split are not passed to direct endpoint?


      Please let me how to configure split to pass all the exchange message which are processed to the direct endpoint to improve performance.


      Using Jboss Fuse - 6.3


      Example: 30 are message are passed to split and only 10 are sent to direct endpoint

      Please find the attachment for route diagram


      <route xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring" streamCache="true" id="route-customerproduct-customerproductsaggregation">

              <from uri="direct:customerproductsaggregation"/>

              <split parallelProcessing="true" strategyRef="xPathAggregationStrategy" stopOnException="true"> 30 Exchange

                      <xpath>//Account[PartyKeys/ProductIdent/text() = 'Cards']</xpath>

                      <to uri="direct:acctCreditservicecall"/>


              <log message="${property.RequestId}-CustomerProductPartyAcctCardRelInq-EndofSplitter-${date:now:hh:mm:ss}" loggingLevel="INFO"/>




         <from uri="direct:acctCreditservicecall" > 10 Exchanges

        <log message="message ${body}" />



      Tired with below configurations but did not find any solution:

      <split parallelAggregate="true" executorServiceRef="fooProfile"parallelProcessing="true" strategyRef="xPathAggregationStrategy" stopOnException="true"> 


      <threadPoolProfile id="fooProfile"  poolSize="100" maxPoolSize="200" maxQueueSize="-1" />