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    Unable to edit the bound values post saving the Drools rule

    Saurabh Sharma Newbie

      Calculation of a mid price of an instrument


      While defining the WHEN condition, when a new price (NEWPRC) is bound from GSO.newPrice
      The required fields for that price is bound so that they can be changed in the THEN condition.
      The properties of the price are similar to any of the Bid or the Ask price except the unit price value. Those values are bound as well in the rule WHEN condition, and used in the
      THEN clause.

      In the THEN condition, the individual bound variables are set with values, the UI lets me add those values correctly without any issues the first time around.

      The problem occurs when the rule is saved, and opened again for editing. All the fields become uneditable and i have to repeat the steps of binding the variables of
      NEWPRC and then modify/set the values of those variables again in the WHEN condition.


      Is there any way to open the rule and get those bound variables in the edit mode