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    JBPM custom task work handler

    Fadwa Yahya Newbie



      I'm new with JBPM, I'd like to create a domain specific language to model a specific kind of processes. To this end, I installed JBPM using the command line: ant install.demo. Then, I started by creating a Maven Project. I create within this project my first Work item. Finally, the new custom task appears correctly in the palette.


      The next step is to define a Work item handler, to this end, I create a Java class under: "Project/src/main/java". The problem is that it does not accept any import like "import org.kie.api.runtime.process.WorkItemHandler;"  the error is : "The import org.kie cannot be resolved"


      Please help me to solve this problem and how do I proceed to define my work item handler.


      Thanks in advance