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    Start Multiple instances of Wildfly 10 (as services) in Linux Centos

    Matteo Mazzi Newbie


      i need to use multiple instances of widfly in centos.

      i installed first instance of Wildfly, it work fine and start and stop by service start/stop it's OK


      I cloned wildfly directory with new name Wildfly2

      inside directory "/etc/init.d/":  cloned wildfly into Wildfly2

      inside directory /etc/default/:   cloned file wildfly.conf in Wildfly2.conf and modify values of JBOSS_HOME, JBOSS_CONSOLE_LOG  with correct paths.

      Note: JBOSS_OPTS wasn't modified because i set the port-offsett by standalone.xml



      After..... i registred service by....chkconfig --add Wildfly2 ..... chkconfig --level.........



      When i start Wildfly and then start Wildfly2  all instances works fine

      If STOP one instance ALL INSTANCE STOP


      I verified that service start procedure has created correctly pid file in correct location and startup-marker.


      where is the mistake?


      Is there an other way to create 2 or more different services that work with 2 or more instance of wildfly?