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    ServiceLoader cannot load extension

    Mert Caliskan Newbie

      We are in the process of upgrading version of HK2 for Payara application server to 2.5.0 and bumped into a problem where ServiceLoader cannot load extension class for org.hibernate.validator.internal.cdi.ValidationExtension.

      hk2 v2.5.0 ditches its own-bundled bean-validator and bean-validator-cdi and uses hibernate-validator and hibernate-validator-cdi. bean-validator and bean-validator-cdi were OSGI'ed bundles but hibernate-validator-cdi was lacking this info in its manifest file. Even I create that info w/ bnd tool, deploying an application to the server that contains @Inject Validator validator results with:


      Caused by: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DeploymentException: WELD-001408: Unsatisfied dependencies for type Validator with qualifiers @Default

        at injection point [BackedAnnotatedField] @Inject com.org.net.micro.demo.ScheduleView.validator

        at com.org.net.micro.demo.ScheduleView.validator(ScheduleView.java:0)


      And the real problem behind that is Service loader cannot load the regarding CDI extension class:

      [2017-03-09T01:28:34.588+0300] [Payara 4.1] [WARNING] [] [ServiceLoader] [tid: _ThreadID=108 _ThreadName=admin-thread-pool::admin-listener(2)] [timeMillis: 1489012114588] [levelValue: 900] [[

        Could not load service class org.hibernate.validator.internal.cdi.ValidationExtension]]


      Weld version is 2.4.2.Final, I couldn't find a decent reason of why ServiceLoader cannot delegate the loading mechanism to OSGI loader for this extension classes.

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          Martin Kouba Master

          Hi Mert,

          it's the responsibility of an integrator to load the extensions and pass the set to the Weld Bootstrap API, either as a param of org.jboss.weld.bootstrap.api.CDI11Bootstrap.startExtensions() or as a part of the deployment - org.jboss.weld.bootstrap.spi.Deployment.getExtensions(). So it's probably not a Weld issue. You should check the Payara integration code. Also I'm not sure how HK2 is related (AFAIK it's used as an internal DI solution in Payara/GlassFish).

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            Mert Caliskan Newbie

            Hi Martin,


            This was related to HK2 since with version 2.5.0 they gave up bundling hibernate validator as an OSGI'fied artifact and directly depend on the hibernate-validator artifacts instead. And the problem was with the hibernate-validator-cdi artifact since it was not OSGI'fied that is it was not containing import-export package definitions in its MANIFEST files. I filed a bug for that and hibernate guys fixed that.


            Thanks for the response.