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    Docker Tools: issues with tabs (containers and images views) - *UPDATED* -.

    Renato Perini Newbie

      I'm using the Docker Tools along with Eclipse Neon.2 and I have some issues with some views of this tool.
      I must say it's happening from the very start of this project, since the Mars release. I don't really have a method to reproduce the problem but it's so evident

      that I want to post something here to see if someone is also having these problems.


      Essentially the windows for the docker containers view and docker images go crazy all the time: I can't close them, they sometimes open more than once (2 or 3 docker containers tabs at the same time, for example).
      When I close a source file tab, some of those tabs suddenly reappear.


      The most subtle thing is that this behaviour seem to be hooked to the workspace. I have an old Mars workspace and when I open it through Neon I have no way to close those

      tabs: they reappear all the time.


      Is this a known problem? Is there something I can do to fix this once and for all? Is this problem being worked on?

      I really like these tools but this problem really ruin the final experience and usability.


      Here a pic of the problem (please notice the docker containers tabs, opened 3 times):





      I noticed that even if I close the aforementioned views, Eclipse doesn't seem to consider them closed at all:


      This explains why after restarting Eclipse the views reapper as if they have never been closed.


      UPDATE 2

      In the Docker Explorer view, configuring a connection to a Docker daemon seems to be working. Anyway, when you restard the IDE, you'll lose the name originally associated with it (i just see the local IP instead of the name).
      Moreover, a second duplicate entry called "<unnamed>" shows up. It worth nothing that deleting these connections is impossible: you will find them when restarting the IDE:


      In the Dockerfile editing mode, the autocompletion works a little bit too much: in fact, it will propose the same entry multiple times: