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    JBoss EAP Production / Wildfly Test - Best choice

    Daniel Heß Newbie



      we had a JBoss EAP 7 server in production and want to use a Wildfly for our test system.


      Which version is the best choice of Wildfly? 10.0 / 10.1?


      Exists documentation between the EAP and Wildfly versions?


      For example JBoss EAP 7 based on Wildfly 10. Difference between librarys?


      Is there any documentation about the differences between the EAP version and the Wildfly?

      For example library differences or if one is based on the other.


      I'm interested in a very detailed documentation to run them parallel.

      I need to do a system test (equivalent to production) with both and have to ensure an equal result


      Would another implementation be better?


      Thanks for your help!


      Best regards