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    Is there a way to create annotation with array of annotations?


      I created Annotation like:

      public @interface Caller {


        Class clazz();

         String method();


      and then I want to make array of this Annotation:


      public @interface Callers {


         Caller[] value();


      so is there a way how to apply it for some method using Roaster?


      I want to create this: @Callers({@Caller(clazz = ComprehensionTool.class, method = "method"), @Caller(clazz = AnalyseProcessor.class, method = "someOtherMethod")}).


      so I need something like:

      List<AnnotationSource> annotations = new ArrayList<>();

      annotations.add(new AnnotationSource("Caller").setClassValue("clazz", ComprehensionTool.class).setStringValue("method", "method"));

      annotations.add(new AnnotationSource("Caller").setClassValue("clazz", AnalyseProcessor.class,).setStringValue("method", "someOtherMethod"));


      //just add annotationArray




      I thank you for every help guys.