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    Jboss wildfly 9.0.1 memory leak

    cosmin cosmin Newbie


      We migrated our application from jboss 7.1.1 to wildfly 9.0.1 and we are experiencing some memory leak issues.

      The main offender seems to be infinispan as the heap dumps showed it had the biggest number of instances and the most memory occupied excepting some native java char[] and object[] instances (the class is io.netty.buffer.PoolThreadCache$MemoryRegionCache$Entry).

      When we upgraded the netty-all module from the native wildfly version to 4.1.6 the memory and garbage collection situation worsened and we also upgraded the same module on our infinispan 7.0.3 instance.

      Does anyone have a better idea on how to handle this?

      Thank you